How Do I Know You’re Real?

“How Do I Know You’re Real?”This is a question I’ve been repeatedly asked by those seeking my Pro-Domme services. Previously, I responded as if that were an insult–anyone who’d spent five minutes doing due diligence should know the answer!A few recent conversations caused me to reconsider my response.

I’ve been using computers since early childhood.  I started using the internet long before I got a driver’s license.  It can be easy to forget the technological generation gap.  Additionally, some novices may not know how to do their homework.

A few clients and potential clients have told me stories of women claiming to be professionals, whom collected deposits and then disappeared.  Of course, this offends me, both because it’s wrong, and because it makes establishing trust more difficult for legitimate Pro-Dommes.  I found a pattern in the things they either did not establish, or did not look for… if they did any research at all.

What follows here, is some advice on finding legitimate Professional Dominas:

1. Website

Does she have a website?  Is it an informative website, with facts about the Domme, her specialties, her sessions, her experience, etc…?

Can you see that her website has been up for a while?  Is it a free site, or one where she paid for hosting?


2. Where she advertises

Does she advertise on places that charge to advertise, or require an approval process?  Backpage is the most obvious place to mention, but some BDSM websites charge to be included and/or featured in the listings.  Click around to see how someone can become featured and/or listed on these sites, to discover if it involves things like an ad fee, a thorough application, references, or anything else that would discourage a scammer.

Some sites even show when someone’s account was created.

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