Hanging on the Telephone

Almost any Pro-Domme will tell you that she gets texts, phone calls and emails every day and night from people wanting to chat, or asking questions unrelated to scheduling sessions.

Some people become demanding, or claim that Pro-Dommes are all fakes and not really into (name a fetish), because we don’t feel like talking for free to a stranger about spanking, sissification, CBT, enemas, our personal lives or even what we’re wearing.  We especially don’t feel like it when we’re preparing for a client, running errands, or having a peaceful work-free moment out with friends.

Always be respectful.  There are few ways to get positive attention from a Pro-Domme, and many ways to get ignored or perhaps permanently blocked by her.

What do you offer her?  She’s already heard empty promises from hundreds, if not thousands of guys who are all going to buy her this, build her that, and someday come for a session… if she’ll talk to them for a while.  Even if you are telling the truth, why should she believe you are the exception to the rule?

Substantiate your promises before asking anything in return.  This is what will set you apart, and cause her to take you seriously.

  • You can provide good, recent references.
  • You can send her wishlist items, gift cards, money or gifts.
  • You can use email to state the reason behind your questions, then ask the questions.  She will then know the purpose behind you contacting her, and be able to answer at her leisure.
  • You can set up a phone session or NiteFlirt call for longer conversations.   My own NiteFlirt number is:  http://www.niteflirt.com/PrimalGenesis                                             1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 9990-883
  • Do NOT start with small talk.
  • Always, always quickly state your purpose.

If you’re not able to see this Pro-Domme for some time, you can follow her on social media, such as Twitter, and on websites like FetLife.  You might think that being disruptive will put you in her spotlight, but being polite and respectful will increase your value in her eyes.

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