Don’t Domme Angry?

“The best fighter is never angry.”- Lao Tzu

Some subs try to irritate, offend and upset Dom/mes in an attempt to receive “punishment” or a very, very harsh treatment overall.  These subs believe that if they can truly anger a Dom/me, it will make the scene or session more intense. They believe everything will be more real.


I can’t speak for everyone, but will tell you that when someone treats me this way, as if it’s a test or manipulation, I will either completely shut out the person, or become very polite and gentle yet cold.   The reaction depends on the person, and how calculated I believe their behavior to be. They don’t get to experience the genuine intensity that they would have, by being straightforward and asking.

Disrespectful behavior should not be rewarded.  Along with that, I do what’s necessary to maintain self-control and avoid losing my temper and accidentally injuring someone.


Tell the Dom/me how harsh and intense you want and can handle. Don’t play childish games, where nobody wins.


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