“When is good for You, Mistress?”

“When is good for You, Mistress?”


People wanting to schedule often say this, in an effort to be respectfully submissive.  The intention may be pure, but the result is inconvenience and wasted time.


Ask yourself this: You’re at work, and a client wants to have a meeting with you, and asks you to peruse your calendar and list all of the times you have free during the next two weeks.  Now imagine you are on-call for work 12-hour days or longer… some of you don’t have to imagine that!  Is going over everything in your schedule easier than if the client gave you a rough idea of when they’re free, like late afternoon weekdays, or their top three picks for times?


When you are ready to schedule with Me, or another Dom/me, it is best to present three or four schedule options, and then state that you are flexible except for the days or times you are not.  This will make Her or His job easier, and it shows that you are respectful.

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