Simple and Compound Interest

As a Pro-Domme, it’s important to be cautious regarding privacy, confidentiality, and discretion.  I have blogged about the latter two, but privacy also means different things to different people.


Even if you did not request that I never call your phone, or never text, odds are that I will not contact you those ways, unless necessary.  I do not wish to intrude on anyone’s privacy, just as I expect that if you see Me in a public place, you will give a knowing look or wink, rather than asking if I got any new whips.

Several subs recently expressed that they felt I was not interested in seeing them again, because I didn’t call to follow up with them on setting future appointments.  That was not the case at all, in these instances.

If you want to see Me again, let Me know.

Of course I prefer to see the same favorite people more frequently, and for longer sessions.  If I compliment you, it is sincere.

Again: you should contact Me.

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